CITIZINS is a distinguished visual artist with Ghanaian-American heritage. His expansive art portfolio encompasses a variety of mediums, including graphic design, illustration, photography, painting, and textile design. Drawing inspiration from Africa's global conscience, his art effortlessly embodies the continent's essence in every image.

Through his provocative depictions of American popular culture, each artwork captures the beauty of Africa while maintaining an air of mystery. As a first-generation African immigrant, CITIZINS' West African roots are deeply ingrained in each of his paintings, seamlessly merging with his experience of being Black in America. His diverse cultural background, which includes an exploration of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Ancient Egyptian art, and Asante Adinkra symbols, is evident in the art he produces.

CITIZINS' talent has garnered international recognition, with his body of work showcased in prestigious exhibitions across the globe, from New York to Washington, DC, London, UK, and Accra, Ghana.

Visual Artist



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